FA Level 3 Coaching Course (UEFA B Part 2 Licence)

The Level 3 Coaching Course has been redesigned and is now officially the UEFA B Licence Part 2, with The FA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football forming UEFA B Part 1. Level 3 leads to a nationally recognised qualification and is designed to further develop a wide range of coaching skills in candidates who have experience with and an ongoing involvement in coaching team football. It is also a prerequisite for undertaking the UEFA A preparatory course.

The revised FA Level 3 curriculum more than doubles the practical course content and seeks to closely link theory with application within the context of the coaches role rather than treating the two as stand alone topics. When this approach is combined with revised technical content, it provide a very well rounded learning package that is highly relevant to coaches working with young players. Topics covered include:


  • Goals and philosophy of coaching
  • Player analysis techniques
  • Consideration of factors relating to player performance
  • Coaching styles and communication methods
  • Building progressive coaching sessions
  • Coaching goal setting, evaluation and analysis


  • Advance technical practices
  • Pattern based practise drills
  • Wave practices
  • Squad based practices
  • Consideration of the phases of play
  • Small sided games

The UEFA B training course has been extended to 90 hours plus support and final assessment days. There is also an opportunity for candidates to return to their clubs to gain more hours of practical coaching time and apply the knowledge and experience gained. Prospective candidates must already hold the FA Level 2 (L2CCF) qualification before applying for the UEFA B course.

Compared to Levels 1 and 2, there are significantly less Level 3 courses available and prospective candidates may need to be flexible with regard to venue and dates. As with all courses available as part of the FA Coaching Pathway, course providers can be found by searching the FA's course database.